Friday, 27 March 2015

I think the main problem with both parties in the UK is that they are to in-hoc to their minority financiers and bizarre party members. Members of political parties are in an undoubted minority, yet both parties are designed by these odd-ball pressure groups and policy think tanks, it is surely too much of generalization to recommend that some common sense could be applied. It is undoubtedly the current makeup of both parties in that they consist of professional politicians. Surely it has been proven over the last 700 years that such professionalism is best kept to the civil service rather than giving the keys to the vault to careerist and worse.
The labor party apparently holds the left with a rainbow coalition that has alienated its core vote. The Conservative party has every ones trust but is influenced at highest level by an ancient tradition by barmy Kippers in disguise
It is antithetical that the rich benefit from the welfare state, it was always for the poor, ideals do not exist perfectly, it is obvious that we cannot afford it, the service provided must be universal, the money spent should be according to income. Insurance is not that expensive, drugs are, new hospitals are, more money is needed desperately. I am not wealthy but I would not mind paying for health insurance, I am not rational, I value the common wealth above all other things
Taxing property held by non-dom's instead of the mansion tax. Cutting the foreign aid budget, you may have went to Eton and Oxford but it is not 1890 any more, never mind India, what about Liverpool, what about Dundee, put microchips in cars and tax by the mile, give discounts to professional drivers, let the teachers run the schools - the government sets the exams, the league tables do the rest. Sharing resources with Europe on a joint defense strategy, WWII ended almost a hundred years ago, after one hundred years can we please stop celebrating it, or  can we celebrate it without thinking we are still planning for D-Day.
It seems almost facetious to suggest that you should use the Trotsky tactic of corruption from within to change Europe into something less ponderous. If Churchill had been pit the younger he would have saved his resources and not squandered them on mad ventures in Mandalay and left the nation in hoc for the next 50 years at the cost of the whole empire. It is complete idiocy, patriotism is for winning votes, it is not an ideology grounded in what is the most profitable for us. Has all the ambition been spent on politicians dancing to the public's accordion and the civil service is now inhabited by journeymen. The world cries out for lazy bureaucrats rather than busy myopic ones, perhaps governments should seek to hire less imaginative conservative fellows. A Tory bloody mindlessness trying to crash the car into a ditch because it will make you look clever in front of your fellows.
Scottish independence would work if it were not for Clyde side, a tragedy, I think the Ms Sturgeon should concentrate on the long game, governorship requires stability, acting sensibly instead of in hope of vain-glory. The first task is not independence, not now, it is too dangerous for us, look at Greece, look at Ireland, the ultimate goal is independence not ultimate dependence, your first task is to end poverty in Glasgow and Dundee. Public service is not a calling for a smirking nuisance.
Your second task is to set up Sports academies in which young footballers, golfers and Curlers can train and get an education and then go to University like in the United States
Mr Milliband remember the North, listen to what they say, it is the truth, you might find it a little unpalatable,  but it is not for show, it is what needs to be done. End poverty in Barnsley first, world peace second - which is why you were elected.
And Mr Cameron I think you need to find the pulse of what the people want more than listening to old fart face.
I think I have Liberal values and I would like to install you all the permanent house of lords which you can probably fulfill as coalition partner. Increasing the tax threshold to take the lowest earners out of tax will drive growth, will drive consumption, than a tax cut for the rich to funnel into the heaving hoard of savings in the stock-market
Populism wins elections not policies. Only the self-interested vote, not the cynics.
An infinitesimal movement, which withdraws in the cyclone of the infinite vortex swirling, it is chaos, it is order, Baal the magnificent points into the darkener, Ash falls from the ancient aeries of the astounding winged beasts circling maleficent and evolution has changed them into things far removed, and ages upon ages, of nothing,
A p=shere a saucer, a flying silver disk embedded in rock, a cylindrical silver disk, coagulates into the void, like a traurig himmel.
Ich kannst arbieten sprechen die morgen, kanst du sprechen oft sie morgen, brighten, the morning, always the night the nicht, and the windpipes wailing of the infinite wilderness, I.
I found here the insigificant truth, which is the wildest lie,
Opehlia tears are the rhythms of the musicality, of belated confidence, at the turn of the of the greates viciousness, the centre of the underlying, the spectre of the unwilling, the sabre of the vacuous, the greateness of the infallible, the astounding diversity of the perpendicular. Prevails over the under mentions the yule-tide seminar about Nothing.
Behind the lie, is the truth, is the uncertainity, the mixed feelings about everything, the doubt, the hope, the fear, we hope for nothing, except a certainity of knowledge,
We can never ask how is the weather?
We can never see the blue sky and yellow sun, and the rippling sea, and the green and brown grass of the all the stinking herbs rotting at the side of the river, shiver with the cold of the emptiness, and this is the fate of those deemed usesless, Tantamount,
I, eye, you know me best, and the bagpipes wail of the emptiness,
The blue sea, and the freezing valleys, with mist and rain every day from the astounding imposing sky, the rambunctious ocean, and the coldest freshest fire water in the world

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Europe needs a plan. A new impetus to spur it forward, a new way of thinking and acting which will enthuse the people who are part of it. A federal system of government which grants a great deal of autonomy to its constituent parts. If the State is a Leviathan then it has grown so because it governs more and more things. The Germans who have created a strong federal system of government seem very prone to centralizing power in Brussels, and issuing 'red-tape'. I am not an expert in what exactly this 'red-tape' might be but that it is not the point. It seems like a far more flexible approach is required. The age of Iron Chancellors is over and now we are in the age of bendy, shiny, plastic Presidents.
It would probably not be prudent to allow the Greeks to print their own reserve currency to use while still officially remaining in the Euro, and allowing this currency to be convertible to the Euro. Would this be tantamount to leaving the Euro? Probably. A trillion EUR investment in the less developed areas of Europe seems a more sensible way to spend money than buying back Bonds and watching the money disappear into inflated non-productive financial asset prices.
I have to think that if the UK, or any other nation, could simply opt-out of things they did not want to do then the whole project might move forward. This seems a more organic way to grow rather than rule by disliked decree. The way the EU operates at the moment has created popular anti-EU political movements. Folk cannot see the benefits of being in the EU, Folk feel denied access to their Democratic right when it comes to the EU; the EU interferes often with their nationally elected governments.
Nations must be allowed to retain their autonomy within the greater super-structure. In the next hundred years I would very much like to see Scotland, Catalonia, Basque, Naples, Milan, Bavaria and maybe even my own region of Scotland the Kingdom of Fife as member states.
It is apparently Bismarck's anniversary soon, I wish him well.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

If we have 'deflation' should we have deflation adjusted measures of growth?
Is unlimited credit to big business causing inflation to fall?
This defies common sense but it is what is happening. The measurements must be very bogus, or most people if they were given a million dollars they would bury it in the garden.
The price of commodities are falling, are these price rises feeding into the price of products?
Oil adjusted inflation is at almost 0%, what is happening?
The signals being given out are very mixed at the moment, there is definitely a climate of unease in the world, is this affecting the behavior of Decision makers and consumers?
The volatility of the financial market seems to be governed by short-term rumors and a culture of gambling which is antithetical to the law abiding and honest society they find themselves within. With the latest piece of news a massive glut of savings raises all boats, quite chaotically.
It is apparent that the rate of return that can be gained by investing in Financial Assets far exceeds the rate of return adjusted for risk of investing in real assets. This leaves the burden of entrepreneurship upon those who have no experience of doing this. Modern business practice is very critical of the conglomerate and advises that company should specialize in what they do best, and return excess cash to shareholders. Then by magic these shareholders will distribute their cash into the economy and Bill Gates from 2015 will re-invent the pocket calculator.
You suspect that I am a bleeding heart, but I am not, society is too complex for Democracy, never mind the board of directors, so I do not advocate that business does it societal duty. I think business should do what it does best.
For the first and probably only time in modern history it is almost free to borrow money. This does not make sense. Inflation has vanished in order that it does cost to borrow money, even now logic must prevail! This is the best time for big business to take a risk, to do a side project, to try and build something green.
This all sounds fantastic and governments have incentivised businesses to spend money with 0% interest rates, but seemingly not actually enough to get them to invest.
The first thing that comes into mind is to tax them, even though we all know what happens when political parties and politicians get hold of share of the public coffers to spend as they want.
I do not claim to know the answers but I watch TV programs about America Works, but I know it is cheaper to pay them to stay at home

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

They were getting closer, infinitesimally nearer with every passing moment to Eden. For almost 250,000 years they had slowly accelerated and for another 250,000 years they had decelerated. \\\\\
There were chambers carved deep inside this vessel with holographic representations of maps of their passage. The stars had been counted and labelled with numbers and letters; too many for any one person to read with interest. The wisest among them Altjira, Ash and Baal knew many things of the stars but they knew that this knowledge was of trivial importance. Each generation had furthered their stagnation, there were no children, and their was nothing to build or innovate with. They did not die, they did not need food or water, their lifespans seeming to stretch to eternity like time. The strongest of them could leave the vessel and swim among the stars for a year or two, they would hold their breath and swim like fishes in this lifeless ocean. They wonder sometimes if the strongest will ever return and sometimes they do.
Thousands of them would tether themselves together and form intricate patterns and hang from the side of this vessel like an ancient image of a snowflake, changing like ripples in a stream. They trained their children to do this, to meditate and reach the highest level of a deep trance, and do this for decade after decade; creating this new dimension of focus.
They had fortified their ship, this vessel, with rock so they did not need to steer it any more, just point it towards the co-ordinates of Eden. With there bare hands they ripped up asteroids and planets and built a shell of invulnerable metal. It had been pounded with asteroids, pulled apart by the enormous forces of gravity and anti-matter. It looked like a silver pockmarked planet as it plowed its way into the planetary system of Eden, it had grown so large, they had grown so once upon a time, that its gravity ripped into the existing order, shattering planets, changing orbits, and sending planets spinning out into the void.
In the distance a blue dot.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Too ponder deeply into the universal requires a taste of fire from the Phoenix when it has first struck a discord
As it explodes into life, engulfing the firmament of the light-less and immeasurable horizon, far and wide, above n below, forever
The frozen light of dawn captures their freezing shadows, like a tendril of smoke possessed by a Demon, slivers snake up into the sky
An enormous rushing gigantic wall of bubbles bursting into trumpets and horns, n angels singing about their superstitions.
What captivates us? What holds us? What of our ancient heart and ancient memories when no thing remains of the day 'crept the endless blight
Time its forlorn, for instant's instant insistence we cling here and have no joy, no gayness, no wonder here dust: benign n flagrant
As cold as the sea, an inky grey is not bright blue, but worse than black, and worse than the endless night is the toil in the dangerous pit
They point, the dawn, the dawn, and stare into the light of the golden son, before it dims and dies n disappears again for another 100 years
N there is no comfort in starlight for us, no superstition will ever enter our minds, N there is no warmth in these cold rocks n plastic
No thing is sacred crept our escape into the light from this, n the ineptitude and greed that brought us here, worse than idiots
Away now and back to huddle in the dark and hyperventilate on these damned apparatus like a badly made watery balloon floating like a
Ancients of Mu Mu, take vainglorious hope to your hear, walk on with hope in your heart n you will never walk alone, walk on, walk on
N there she stood with flowers in her air,
Pale faced like razor-light, gazing far away into the gloom, tears spilling from her milky eyes, n the ghosts of fake plastic roses around er
Fluorescent flowers all the colours of the rainbow streaming from her eyes
N if the golden sunlight could touch her here she would awake from this trance which is our Gladdening thoughts evading the near sightedness
Nothing we know is sacred, we know no thing has any no value, measured no unto infinity but no beyond? Alas, Yes?
Never trust a hipster or a hippie, N never listen to lies, because there is only one truth. N she forgets that moment of pain when she was
Possessed by sum ancient spirit, the black hole at the centre of the galaxy emitting a beautiful souls to inhabit her in an pure emotion
a moment of utter knowledge, a complete realization, to understand the ultimate true humane rational conclusion, to go beneath the mask
N understand the hopelessness of our infernal predicament here loop-id on sum fucking asteroid in the wastes and wilderness of space

Friday, 7 November 2014

It was a sublime moment, a second of thought, a third of light and a fourth of a message and a vision beyond comprehension, it was a feeling, a strange sense, some sort of emotion that felt like a memory which was a dream, an immense pleasure like some sort of re-assurance.
Further than that, beyond and above unto eternity roaring into infinity, blooming from the throne of some maleficent unreality which captivates the unconscious desire ti escape the surety of the mundane, to ascertain the nature of the fantastic, and find that it is neither but both the same.
The cold is pure, the wind is piercing, it cools my cheeks, it clears my head, it opens my eyes. The darkness cools the fever in my head, glory to the sun and all of my ancestors living with the lidless dead. Away, and forward to all things, what thoughts does the future brings, O Oracle sings of the Sybyll and the nine muses, all the money goes to the makers of fireworks fuses.
Nostradamus slept for a thousand years, I would sleep for a day and sleep forever to wake forlorn again and thereafter to my eventual ruin, I would offer a spoon to the Devil for even a gram of salt, for my luck is not my fault. My compassion is greed, that is my empathy, to want more than you, I could not hate you without feeling you, or rather compensate you for your lack of acting the way I want you to, or rather any other way. My fork for Jesus so he could know that Lucifer feels inadequate, and a Gun for the holy spirit to send the sinners to eternal damnation, so suffer contagiousness in the grave, the ghosts tell me, that is punishment, to be buried alive forever, and to feel the hunger for flesh. 2 Score was all i ever wanted, or 1 score, or no score, but that is better than this empty beauty of timelessness.
It is for my Brother's that I right, they come and sit with me and watch me from their golden thrones in the fantasy of paradisaical fantastical heaven, thronged with the heathen's with their pure lust for nature, and destruction.
A bib for the emperor's, a gift for the explorer's, a final nuance, a hieroglyphic conundrum scraping along the sea floor, through the wardrobe door to Mordor.
I consider Murder almost every day, a silent urge, just to experience a feeling, a forbidden desire is like the purging fire of the matrys, do you hear them scream as there flesh burned? DO you smell the fucking bacon? The Cannibalistic urge to master suffering makes no sense.